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Check out the soundtrack: it's the fully-produced recording of "DNA (Do Not Assume)," written by Melanie Hammet and Ben Holst. Sung by Gayanne Geurin. Finale by the Congregation Bet Haverim Chorus. Amazing.

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As a longtime musician and mayor pro-tem for the tiny Pine Lake municipality in DeKalb County, Melanie Hammet has always been interested in the intersection of art, activism and giving back. (read full article)

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The Atlantic “Cities” recently published a piece on Community Voices’ March 2013 speaker, Melanie Hammet. To learn more about this “sassy elected official/singer-songwriter who strums the guitar to songs about zoning ordinances and land use,” (see full article)

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 (read full article)

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Songs about urban development and land use are hard to come by, but Melanie Hammet has an entire album of them. Hammet, mayor pro tem of the City of Pine Lake, Ga. (population: 730), released the seven-track album Edifice Complexin April 2010. Since then, she has been balancing the dual responsibilities of performer and public servant. (click on the link for full article)

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Melanie HammetMelanie Hammet has been part of the Atlanta creative scene . . .

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Watch the video---it's Edifice Complex unplugged! Check out "Inauguration Day" from Crooked Spoke!

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There's no doubt that where we choose to live, work and play all contribute to our individual perceptions of quality of life. Land use influences our mobility and dictates how we spend our time and money, among other things. And in a growing region like ours, there has never been a more important time to get smart about managing growth. . . (read full story)

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