Reason For Love



I quit writing love songs a while ago. . . . the last record I did with that kind of music was "Under The Same Sky," produced with Rob Gal--really beautiful tunes and some of my favorites. But "Reason For Love" is probably my very favorite (is this true?) of the love songs I've written. I like the circularity of the chorus; I know that angst and those depths, the wrench and the uncertainty. Wow. 

So what is the question that the answer is love? 


Reason For Love  



well, my words are pouring out of me like sweat

and  the actions I remember are the actions I regret

and I won’t take any chances ‘cause it’s all a losing bet


Is there a reason for love

There is a reason for love 

 if there’s a reason for love

 I’d give up reason for love


and I don’t know if I miss you or it’s just the empty space

or maybe it’s just me that I don’t wanna face

and with all the second-guessing, was it ever love in the first place?



        and it feels like it’s one or the other; then it feels like it’s you or it’s me

       but it all comes down, it all comes down to this—it just is what it is


so what is the question that the answer is love?

and what is forgiveness when I do the same stuff?

and how will I ever know what feels like enough?