Little Pink Gun



This song is a nearly-true story, except that no animals were harmed in the composing of this music. The sing-song melody walks the lyric path into hell before you even realize you're there. 


At least that's what I'm hearing.



Little Pink Gun



Waitin’ there underneath the Christmas tree

For my darlin’ kindergarten Annie Oakley

Ain’t no dolly with the fakey golden curls

Time for separatin women from the girls




Yeah Haley’s got a little pink gun

She’s got her brother Bubba on the run

Got a child-sized trigger so it’s easy to pull it

but the dadgum thing shoots a grownup bullet

Haley’s got a little pink gun


By the time she’s seven she’ll be shootin big game 

Makes a silly little video look real tame

She’s my baby vigilante she’s my itty-bitty shooter

Blond hair blue eyes nothing much cuter than




Bang bang bang

Run Bubba run Bubba run


Now she’s shootin at the kitty-cat bang bang bang

Suburbans in the cross-hairs clang clang clang

Ring around the rosie farmer in the dell

Mama let me take it to show and tell