Melanie Hammet


(from the CD Map Of Glass)

I used to play the sweaty clubs along the Gulf, east to Florabama and west to Cafe Brasil. Music in the swampy, steamy deep south is as close to religion as it gets. 

When I heard Claire Campbell sing I imagined her adding a vocal to the gumbo of this track. Not a backing vocal; an intertwining other sound, like a duet with wysteria. No surprise--she's simply fantastic:

If Walter Anderson wrote lyrics, I wonder if they might echo the sentiment of "Lifted."

Recorded at Dede Vogt's Sound and Fury Studios

Piano: Brandon Bush

Bass: Dede Vogt

Guitar: Melanie Hammet





The stick the stone the flesh and the bone

the mighty mighty power of the great unknown

the sky the mud the breath and the blood

I am lifted

I wore a cross of gold around my neck for years

thinkin' it would drive away my doubts and fears

and tho' I did not get relief or find redemption

I found some pleasure in sins I will not mention


Day after day I took a vow of silence

to cleanse my mouth from spoken acts of violence

and tho' I did not purify a single word

I cannot believe all the things I overheard


Would I be saved or sanctified in the name of love

measured by all below or up above

would I account and explain for my every thought and my action

or is every moment perfect satisfaction


So who or what is the measure of all that's holy

who or what is bathed in the light of the glory glory 

when and where will it all be reconciled

so we walk it step by step and mile by mile